Date(s) - Sunday, October 27, 2019
4:00pm - 6:00pm

Dahlonega United Methodist Church


Alpha is a series of sessions exploring the Christian faith. Each talk looks at a different question around faith and is designed to create conversation.
Alpha is
REAL – Alpha presents the reality of who Jesus is. Alpha encourages everyone to be real and authentic. People are welcome to ask questions and look for answers.
RELATIONAL – Alpha is based on genuine friendships that are built up over a few weeks and often last for years afterwards.
RELIANT – On Alpha we are reliant on the Holy Spirit because we realize that it is only God who changes people’s lives; we just introduce Him.
The heart of Alpha is the small group. This is where people can ask questions, talk through issues, build relationships and experience what the Christian life really looks like. Alpha small groups are not like other small groups. The focus is on allowing participants the space to ask questions rather than a teacher offering all the answers.
Facilitator: Rev. Steve Schofield
Time: 4:00-6:00        Room: Library               Cost:  No Cost
Durations: 11 Weeks—September 15th—December 8th