DUMC has supported the church and school in the little village of La Magdalena, El Salvador for over 12 years!  We have seen this ministry grow from a barren plot of land into a thriving church and Christian school!Currently, there is kindergarten through fourth grades.  The school is growing and is adding the fifth grade next year. Eventually, this school will educate through the twelfth grade.  We have heard testimonies from many local families, and Pastor Mauricio and Pastor Francisco, that this school IS MAKING A HUGE DIFFERENCE in the lives of these children and their families.


Tentatively, we hope to take a team to El Salvador in October or November 2018 (dates TBD).  There will be a wide variety of things to “do”, but the most important is the continued relationship-building with the community.  In addition to working with the children, there are opportunities in construction, addiction-recovery ministry, ministry to women, and just demonstrating God’s love for the people of El Salvador by our willingness to be the hands, feet, and heart of Jesus!


As the school grows, so do the financial needs.  We currently have 7 teachers to support (salaries), as well as the Administrator’s salary, and regular administrative costs of running the school (electricity, internet, supplies, desks, etc.).  The financial needs have been growing!   For only $30 per month, you can help insure that this vital ministry continues!


The school is out of classroom space!  Construction of an additional large classroom building is being planned.  For this next project to happen, we will need major financial support.  Additional property was purchased several years ago for this expansion.

REMEMBER:  Together, we are helping to CHANGE A NATION – ONE CHILD AT A TIME!

More information

If you need any additional information, please contact:

Lynn Pfeiffer (706) 265-5236 naturalbalance@windstream.net

More information

If you need any additional information, please contact:

Lynn Pfeiffer
(706) 265-5236

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